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Love Ends in a Tandem Kayak


Derrick C. Brown



For fans of the fantastical. For fans of unforgettable, gut-punch imagery. This visceral book veers wildy from humor to heartache.

This new collection holds three chapters that venture from love and memory into loneliness and sorrow, ending in the chase for hardcore joy. Due to patient years of editing, tweaking, and sorting, this is Brown’s most thoughtful collection. The pages have an economical beauty, and it is the most complete, compelling, and stunning book the author has ever written.

Love Ends in A Tandem Kayak is the death of stunted, academic fluffing in the world of fast, junk food verse. It is the embrace of saying the hard thing without the adornment of trite, fraudulent wisdom. T

his book is madness and crawling toward the confusing light. It is memory unpacking and a deep dive into the battle for staying alert in self-love, nude grief, and the revealed embarrassments and humor of being human. It’s funny, and it is beautifully heavy.

If you've got a deep wound, this book will try to hold your hand and guide you to needle and thread.

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