As if she discovered a small army of silenced women captive in her pen, Megan Falley releases them in the spilled ink that is her most brilliant collection of poems to date, After the Witch Hunt. Demanding "if you really love a writer, bury her in all your awful and watch as she scrawls her way out," her book does exactly that. An incessant digging, a journey in building escape routes, armed with both humor and a brazen darkness, each poem in this book of bloodletting is another swing of the pick and axe in this young woman’s labor, insistent upon light.

"Megan Falley writes with uncommon bravery. Playful, sensual, raucous--and unrelenting as an assault rifle. Unafraid to confront the most sinister, to flirt and shimmy, to argue, riot, and disembowel, these poems lure you coyly into the melee with language so rich and surprising, you can't help but test them in your own mouth. They traverse real-world struggles and triumphs. After the Witch Hunt is more than a song of survival, it is a battle cry. A stunning debut."

- Jeanann Verlee, author of the award-winning Racing Hummingbirds